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We have developed and manufactured one of the most essential tools in modern beekeeping: A multi-functional Hives Lifter.


It is custom made and can be built according to any special order requirements.


Accepted forms of payment include Cash, Credit Card, Pay Pal, or a Money Order.


The price of the Hives Lifter - B1 (Electric) is $1380 USD.


For our Canadian customers: please contact us to place an order.

Hives Lifter - B1 (Electric)


    • A powerful electric winch with an auto-braking system that allows holding up to 6 heavy supers in a locked position
    • Adjustable wide grabber enables lifting hives from both sides of the hive
    • Non-spilled battery (12 Walt 20 Amp) that provides long working time - up to 5 days of not recharging
    • Battery indicator that shows when recharging is needed
    • Aluminum frame
    • Disassembled design making the lifter suitable for shipping



    • Assists with pulling honey supers (requires using bee escapes)
    • Allows easily cleaning the bottom boards or exchanging them
    • Moving and lifting stocks of empty or full supers/hives, single or double pallets, pails sugar syrup, bags of sugar, etc.
    • Enables lifting/moving honey supers in an extracting room with ease which helps to prevent unnecessary banding 




    • Lifting Height: 55''
    • Weight: 70 lbs.
    • Size: Height 72''  Width 28''  Depth 22'' 
    • Lifting capacity: 350 lbs.
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